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8/20/2011 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
"Storage Wars"
Mystery Trunk Contained $24,000
In De-Faced Bills

0819-storage-wars-21-EXIt's the creepiest jackpot ever -- a recent bidder on "Storage Wars" paid $400 for a bunch of crap, including an old trunk ... which contained a shocking $24,000 in cash ... but for some reason, none of the bills had faces on them.

In case you're unfamiliar -- the A&E show features auctions in which people bid on the abandoned contents of large storage lockers ... but they only get a few seconds to see what's inside.

Laura Dotson -- who runs the auction company for the show with her husband Dan -- tells TMZ, the buyer paid the $400 for the locker ... and soon after, discovered the MOUNTAIN of cash inside the trunk.

The eerie part -- whoever owned the trunk beforehand drilled the faces out of every single bill. It's unclear why, but we're told the money was still considered legal tender ... despite losing face.

U.S. Treasury Fun Fact -- A bank will accept bills with the faces cut out ... if the both serial numbers are still in tact and the bills pass a series of tests.

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Reader Comments

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tgrfan42069:  42 days ago

ive watched this show before..its so staged its sad

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SPELLCHECKER:  42 days ago

In tact: What TMZ doesn't have (as well as an editor who can spell).

Intact: In one piece.

I've offered previously to be your proofreader so that you don't all look like a bunch of illiterates and the offer still stands. :)

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3 Replies

David Jong:  42 days ago

IDK... I'll bet whoever cut those faces out has a big tapestry or something made out of the faces. Maybe the dude tucks his junk in and dances around the room naked, also.

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Sin D:  42 days ago

Bernie Madoff made some undies out of 'em. Hehehe.

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jackraven:  42 days ago

native America*****e Andrew Jackson ! some will not accept
20$ bills.

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Chris:  42 days ago

ratings probably in the crapper for this show. ALL the auction shows are staged and scripted for drama. Makes Jersey Shore look like Shakespeare.

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Sloane:  42 days ago

to me only 2 reasons that I feel anyone would destroy bills like
they knew that they could never be spent
(as in maybe stolen money where the serial numbers were known) without them being arrested
they were mentally ill
(as in something like the eyes of the dead president on the bill were watching them so they took them out)

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mike hunt:  42 days ago

I love the spell checking idiots that post on here. I mean really? Seriously? TMZ really appreciates you pointing out the words that are spelled wrong and of course also the typos. WOW! Dude this is a gossip celebrity website. That's like turning on a episode of Jerry Springer and expecting not to see White Trash.

Calm down dorks!

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Ashley:  42 days ago

The previous owner of the storage unit used the faces to put on lower valued bills and make DOUBLE when you trick the teller that it is only a $1 he put it on. I used to work in a bank and these cases appeared often.

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Mary:  42 days ago

There is an artist in LA who uses money in his art. One piece was just faces. Maybe it was his trunk. I have photos of some of his art. It's all made with US paper currency. He even made a "money bag" out of money.

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Skeeterskeetskeet:  42 days ago

Tha plot thickens..

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myra:  42 days ago

let's think about this for a moment...the storage unit wasn't paid for that is why it was auctioned off....but there was so much money inside of the storage...doesn't make any sense

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Politico Pablo:  42 days ago

It may have been from an indian casino. To this day, some Native Americans will not possess currency with Andrew Jackson's portait on it because he ordered the relocation of Native Americas from Florida in 1830, which became known as "The Trail of Tears."

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sem:  42 days ago

The story totally misrepresented what the tv show is about. They made it sound like some lame game show.

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Dr. P:  42 days ago

*intact* - The errors and typos on this site are awful, and they just keep coming. Regular people can be forgiven for writing mistakes. TMZ's writers should at least TRY to act like journalists.

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