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    Dan and Laura Dotson Sell Storage Auction Find Including Real Pirates Treasure Valued at $500,000

    Dan and Laura Dotson, of and American Auctioneers, Sell Off Storage Unit Containing Over $500,000 Worth of Gold Doubloons

    Reno, Nevada (PRWEB) November 15, 2011

    Dan and Laura Dotson, Storage War's reality stars and StorageTreasures co-founders, unearthed an astonishing find. Just outside of San Francisco, the Dotson's auctioned off a storage unit containing over $500,000 worth of gold doubloons! An expert described the booty as "Pieces of Spanish Gold," dating anywhere between the 16th and 19th century. The buyer, a San Jose man named “John,” purchased the remnants of the unit–complete with the Spanish gold–for just over $1,000.

    Dan & Laura Dotson appeared on FOX news Monday, telling the story for the first time to captivated audiences. This find has essentially ensured that the amount of people who will be present at storage locker auctions will increase, with more and more people hoping to strike gold!

    “This is the kind of story that every auction hunter dreams about,” StorageTreasures President and Founder Lance Watkins continued, “There are treasures tucked away in units across the country and every day there is a chance that someone will strike it big.” is a free self storage unit auctions locator and self storage finder covering the US and Canada. offers comprehensive storage auction schedules and site specific guidelines for auction hunters and facility owners throughout the US and Canada. is partnered with industry leaders to develop best practices that ensure storage auctions are conducted within the law and that facility owners, tenants, buyers, and auctioneers are protected. More information about can be found at or by calling 1.800.213.4183.


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